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Valve Design - The Northridge 2000 valve is a simple patented design with only one moving internal part. A stainless steel ball rests on a pedestal inside the valve when it is in the ON position allowing gas to flow. During a seismic disturbance of approximately 5.2 or greater on the Richter scale, the stainless steel ball falls from the pedestal and plugs the outlet passage stopping the flow of gas. The gas can only be turned back ON by manually resetting the valve. The faceplate has a magnet concealed behind it that lifts the stainless steel ball back onto the pedestal when it is slowly rotated one full turn counterclockwise.
Sight Glass ON/OFF Indicator - The valve is equipped with a clear sight glass to determine whether the valve is on the ON or OFF position. When valve is ON, the internal stainless steel ball can be seen when looking straight down through the clear sight glass. Your eye should be approximately ten inches (10) above the sight glass. When the valve has shut OFF, the internal stainless steel ball cannot be seen.
The Northridge 2000 valve should be installed by a qualified installer in accordance with the manufacturing installation instructions. If improperly installed, failure to function as intended or unwarranted interruption of gas service could result. A qualified person should check for gas leaks before and immediately after turning gas ON by resetting valve.
For Detailed operation and installation instructions please choose one of the links below.

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